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On love and poetry.

By On 11th September 2016

Learning to love someone is like poetry. I don’t mean that it is beautiful and full of romantic imagery. I mean that it is hard. Poetry is hard. When I was 17 I went on a school trip to a day of talks about literature in the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester. There were many speakers. They talked about their favourite…

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In defence of competition (sort of).

By On 10th September 2016

I wrote this week about comparison. I realised the idea of competition got a bit of a bad rap in this post. I felt the need to redress the balance. Not everything about competition is bad. Competition can provoke work that improves standards. It can be the impulse leading to scientific breakthroughs, or to sporting achievements. As iron sharpens iron,…

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Congratulations, you survived the summer.

By On 6th September 2016

This morning I dropped my three children off at school for the first day of the Autumn term. I returned to a blissfully quiet house and put the kettle on. I exhaled and thought, Congratulations, you survived the summer. This summer has been good. I have stayed in bed late and when I have finally come downstairs I have chosen…

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Exposing My Entitlement.

By On 31st August 2016

I’m all about the grace. Grace is one of my favourite words. At my darkest of times, when it felt like the world was closing in on me I have known the sweet relief of grace. Grace in the actions of my friends, calling at the right moment, anticipating my needs. Grace revealed in a beautiful sunset, refreshing rain, or…

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The path to golden time.

By On 27th May 2016

Edward, my seven year old, told me this morning he didn’t want to go to school. I pointed out that today is Friday, his favourite day of the week, the day of the week with most school time dedicated to fun and play. To this he responded, ‘well, I only want to go if it can be golden time and…


The discipline of the long pause.

By On 4th April 2016

This afternoon we went swimming. Afterwards, when we were in the changing rooms, putting clothes onto still damp skin, one of my daughters said ‘Where’s my other shoe?’. Almost before she had finished the sentence I replied ‘Have you tried the locker?’.  So far, so profound. Immediately – before the words had completely left my mouth – she had found…