Mental health

The lie I believed about suicide.

By On 12th September 2019

Some things in this post may be triggering. If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts please reach out to someone. If you don’t know where to turn the Samaritans are a great place to start. This link will take you to a page where you will find various ways you can get in touch with them. Tuesday was World Suicide Prevention…

Mental health

How to deal with your inner critic.

By On 23rd July 2019

A few weeks ago at one of my ‘Talking About Anxiety’ events, a woman asked a question. This question gets asked in one form or another at every event I run. We were talking about negative mindsets and how they affect our mental health. About how we need to learn to accept the truth that we are enough despite our…

Mental health

How to deal with travel anxiety

By On 8th July 2019

Travelling can make me anxious. New places, new food, new routines can all trip me into an anxious state, increasing my heart rate and temperature, distracting me and leaving me unable to relax. I have found this very frustrating. The time of the year when I am most looking to unwinding, often ends up being the very time I battle…

Mental health

Ode to my body.

By On 16th May 2019

I had grand plans for how the video for this guided meditation would come together, but in the end it seemed appropriate to film it in my back garden on Tuesday after the school run. I didn’t change my clothes or put on any more make-up. I simply filmed it with my phone and a little help from my 14…

Mental health

What post-natal depression feels like.

By On 24th April 2019

An unexpected diagnosis. During my third session with my therapist she told me she thought I was suffering with Post-Natal Depression. Aside from the shock, the shame and the fear of what this might mean, I was also confused. I thought women with post-natal depression struggled to bond with or feel love for their baby. This was not the case…

Mental health

Mental health and the middle-aged man.

By On 15th April 2019

Today I am delighted to¬†introduce to you my friend Phil. Phil has agreed to share his experiences of dealing with anxiety as a middle-aged (his words!) man; how it was for him and what he did about it. Phil is fantastic, I know you’ll enjoy what he has to say. I am very grateful to be able to share his…

Mental health

In praise of gentleness.

By On 3rd April 2019

Two weeks ago I sprained my ankle. I was exercising at home and for no obvious reason, maybe I wasn’t fully paying attention, maybe I was being a little gung-ho, I went over on my ankle and fell to the ground. As I fell I heard a loud snapping sound, turning my stomach and convincing me it was broken. I…

Mental health

To my reader, an invitation

By On 21st March 2019

First I want to thank you for being here. You, my readers, are the most encouraging, supportive tribe. It was over five years ago… when I sat down to write my first ever blog post. Back then I did not anticipate there would be so many of us here now. I did not think I would be sending my blog…