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On loving Jesus and taking anti-depressants.

By On 21st September 2016

My therapist tells me that she believes it probably won’t be long until there is a test, a blood test or something, that will tell what is chemically happening in your brain. To ascertain that something isn’t right, some chemical or hormone isn’t being released correctly or in the right amount (forgive me – I am no scientist). This would…


For when you can’t sing in church.

By On 19th September 2016

Yesterday in church we sang together. We sang the words, “you’re never going to let, you’re never going to let me down”. The words caught in my throat and I fell silent. I couldn’t sing the words even though I have found them to be true. He is never going to let me down. I couldn’t sing it even though…

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The earth is talking to you.

By On 14th September 2016

Recently I’ve been thinking about the connectedness of everything. About how it is all part of the same thing. We are all substance and soil and soul. We are all atoms and curiosity and magic. And we are all in the conversation. A few years back, we lived close to a big park where I sometimes used to run. I…


On comparison – the joy thief.

By On 7th September 2016

A few months ago my girls were both involved in a cheerleading competition. Now before you have the same reaction as me, let me tell you what cheerleading is not: pompoms. And let me tell you what cheerleading is: synchronised swimming on dry land, gymnastics and throwing each other into the air. (Still not sounding that appealing? I’m with you.)…

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Exposing My Entitlement.

By On 31st August 2016

I’m all about the grace. Grace is one of my favourite words. At my darkest of times, when it felt like the world was closing in on me I have known the sweet relief of grace. Grace in the actions of my friends, calling at the right moment, anticipating my needs. Grace revealed in a beautiful sunset, refreshing rain, or…

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By On 10th May 2016

Before anything else. Before you can get any help, or start working your way through a tricky situation or painful experience, you have to acknowledge it exists. The universe I inhabited before my thirties was a place where it was not the done thing to express discontent. We were loved by God and had everything we needed. We were not…